Thursday, June 16, 2011

The Essentials

With so many infant care brands and products constantly being flung in our faces, how could any parent possibly expect to make an educated and practical choice about what supplies and accessories to buy for their newborn? If you said, “they can’t”, that’s probably because you’re one of those parents, and you’re right. The infant care industry is one of the largest in the world, and yet there is very little information about what exactly the essentials are. That’s because they don’t really want you to know, so that you’ll spend all your money trying to figure out. Well, we’ve decided to step in and offer some help. These are the things we think will be absolutely necessary for you and your baby, and we’ll tell you why.

Diaper Bags
A diaper bag will most likely be the first thing you’ll want to buy. As you’ve noticed by now, you’re going to be changing lots of diapers for a while. But, if you’re constantly carrying around all your diaper changing supplies in an untidy bag or case, you’ll be poorly organized and frustrated when you’re trying to care for your newborn. And, you’ll be consuming way more of your valuable time than is necessary for the task at hand. Many diaper bags have multiple compartments, all with specific purposes, so that all of your supplies will be organized and at the ready when you need them.

A couple of good onesies will quickly become a staple of your baby’s wardrobe, as they’re basically good for all occasions and provide the support and comfort your baby needs. These are long or short sleeve and clip together between the legs, so you won’t have to be checking and readjusting your baby’s clothes throughout the day. The great thing about onesies is how versatile they are. In the summer they can be worn alone, while in the winter the only necessary addition is a pair of trousers and you’re ready for playtime. And with the endless variety of colors and fabrics, your baby will definitely be in style.

Baby Bath Towels
Bathtime. It’s all-important, essential, and perhaps your baby’s favorite time of the day (although that can really go either way). What’s certain though is that your baby will thank you with love and affection when it’s all warm and snuggly dry in a high quality baby bath towel. The infant care industry now makes bath towels specifically designed for a baby’s sensitive skin with super absorbent fabrics. Some of them even have hoods to keep your baby’s head warm and protected from the elements after her bath.

Burp Cloths
We’ve all either seen the image or experienced it ourselves. A new mother or father, holding their beloved little baby, with a burp cloth draped over his or her shoulder. It’s hard to really make a burp cloth something special, but it’s still important to get one that is high quality and made from fine materials so that your baby is happy and comfortable. This small cloth will prove to be one of the most practical and usable items in your baby’s repertoire, so you’ll want to be somewhat careful about which one you pick. Generally, keeping a stack of soft and absorbent burp cloths on your baby’s changing table is good practice.

These are definitely an essential item. We all know getting a baby to eat the majority of her food rather than wear it can be much easier said than done. Whether you can or can’t accomplish this goal, a collection of reliable baby bibs will be a god-send for those messy spit-ups. Or, for when your newborn begins to teeth and tries to bite down on her clothing. There’s such a large selection of bibs out there that you can literally have one for every type of day and every possible occasion. And if you’re a new parent you’ll probably be receiving at least a few of bibs as gifts, since they’re a fairly timeless baby accessory.

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